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The Finest Business Management Software

PMP Online management software makes running your school feel almost effortless. Everything is in one system putting all of your school's information at your fingertips so you can easily set and track goals for enrollment, growth rate and income. You will always be on top of everything with simple mouse click or tap of the screen.

Smart Dashboard

Dynamic, up-to-date, smart and logical data about your school

  • Track Everything: Number of students, growth rate, and more
  • Student Retention: Create a growth strategy biased on data information
  • Financial Performance: Know your daily finance status

Student Attendance Tracking

Capture all student attendance data to help pinpoint trends, identify new business opportunities, and improve student rete-ntion. You can take student attendance in the most convenient way for your school. Perform "hands free" attendance taking by bar code reader or let them check themselves in online manually. Of course, you can always resort to manually taking attendance on a computer at the front desk.

Event PLUS

Easy-to-use and extremely affordable, Event Manager provides an integrated set of tools to simplify the sign-up process for all your events.

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Detailed Reporting

With over 10 reports to choose from, each provides a detailed account of activity to help you analyze key areas such as finances, retention, sales, and service. Popular reports include: the past due report, renewal list, member birthday list, and financial summary report.

Student Communication

PMP provide most decent email function to communicate with your students. You can simply send school announcements and also event information through our Event PLUS.

Simple Testing

  • Set up multiple styles, stripes, and tips for different ranking systems
  • See how far or close your students are to their next testing
  • Promote students based on testing result or all at once

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