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Why Premier Member Plus?

Since 2000, we've been committed to providing top notch service to our clients, which most of them were in the fitness club market and nowadays we have grown to martial arts studios such Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Mix Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Sports Camp, and etc. Premier-based business rely on studio management software, event manager, and mobile app to help grow their business.

Three Steps to Reach Our Mission

Basic Step

Studio needs to solely focus on teaching members and how to keep and maintain friendly relationship with them. PMP helps them without any burdens each other and our best goal is to support them to create successful business eventually.

Second Step

Our mission is to provide our clients best management software with instant updated information to follow current main stream in industry. Our professional marketing consultants treat you like their families, explain them to understand the full benefits, and increase the value of business in local community through consolation and advices.

Final Step

Most important goal is future-oriented member management and business operation. A success of business is fulfilled with continuing efforts, experience, and know-how when improving and developing the present situation. Martial arts classes are a part of education and need friendly relationship building. At this point of view, PMP is making a top priority to create business profits and improve management efficiency helping even very small things which are needed for martial arts studios and fitness clubs.

Membership and Management Solutions!

Please grab the opportunity to become successful runner in your business industry with our membership management software, event manager, and mobile app.

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