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Full-Service Tuition Billing

PMP provides the finest billing service at a competitive rate among the martial arts and health club industry. The most fundamental reason for the consent between the martial arts school and a member is to advertise the business and to gain regular income by providing continuous martial arts service through securing a permanent member.

No monthly fees and No hidden costs.

Full-Service Billing Benefits

  • Very Flexible Billing & Funding Options
  • Advanced Billing Portal
  • 24 X 7 Online Access
  • Digital Agreement Management
  • Secure & Redundant Data Storage
  • Privacy Policy
  • Automated Billing Alerts
  • Fast student payment resolutions
  • Superior Customer Service

Membership Agreement Entry & Online Access

Our secure web-based client services billing portal allows you to easily access and manage your account. Complete with both overview and in-depth financial, member, delinquency servicing, and activity reports, as well as user tools, online entry, and much more. You'll be empowered with information you need to help grow, manage and retain your members.

Online Transmission of a Membership Agreement

  • Confirmation service on the receipt of a membership contract
  • Account set up through a quick transaction process
  • No unnecessary follow up
  • Confirmation of a contract term and monthly membership fee through automatic management
  • Prevention of a delay in progress due to incorrect or lost information

Delinquent Account Management

When a customer fails to pay his/her bill or the payment is returned, PMP springs into action. Our advanced billing system immediately allocates the proper resources to facilitate collections. Depending on the situation, we begin servicing activities to recover payment.

*Procedure for delinquent account
Payment Transaction

On payment date.


Make Phone Calls on Same Day


First Notice Letter

(+ phone calls)


Second Notice Letter

(+ phone calls)


Final Notice Letter

(+ phone calls)


Transfer to Collection Firm


A Final Option: Collections

A professional system management through national network!

PMP provides the collection services which are as important as billing, with a network of top experts in industry and we focus on customer relations The compulsory elements in running martial arts business are student agreement, billing, and collection. Even though if you receive the best billing services, the rate of past due or delinquent collections is going up, it won’t be helpful for your business at all. PMP provides member financial management, communication, and customer relations by the systematic client service system.

PMP uses top-quality national and regional collection agencies and leaves the option to send any account to collection in your hands. This differs dramatically from much of our competition. Not only do many companies transfer your accounts to an in-house “collection agency,” they often do so without your knowledge or approval.

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